Coming Soon to Purple Spekter™

Coming soon to Purple Spekter™: a home for science fiction, fantasy, and thriller authors, readers, and the books they love.

At the beginning of my independent author career, I made an important choice to control my writing destiny and pursue—through trial and error—writing, publishing, and advertising. I quickly discovered the first two to be the easier pieces of the puzzle, but let’s face it, unless you’re planning on investing money before you make money, marketing and advertising can be expensive and challenging. That’s why I created Purple Spekter™, a self-advertising platform that puts authors in control of what and how they advertise their books to readers.

For Authors

Join a unique community of science fiction, fantasy, and thriller authors advertising their books to diverse, wonderful group of readers. You choose an upgradeable membership package and set up your individual author/pen name profiles and your social media links. Then, add your books (including over image, description, and retail links) and link them to one or more of your author/pen names. Stay in control with an affordable, up-to-date subscription.

For Readers

Discover what book you’ll read next by perusing through a growing list of science fiction, fantasy, and thriller authors and their literary treasures. Share books with friends via social media and interact with authors and other readers via book comments. The best part? It’s all free for readers. Enjoy!

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