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Hello and thanks for checking out Purple Spekter™, a home for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller authors, readers, and the books they love.

As an author myself, I know how fun (and frustrating) writing and publishing a book can be. I quickly discovered advertising and marketing—unless you’re able to investing a ton of money before you can make money—can be expensive and challenging. That’s why I created a self-advertising platform that puts authors in control of what and how they advertise their books to readers. Here’s how it works:

  • You choose a membership package. You can upgrade at any time if you have more books to add. You can also deactivate or remove your books if you want.
  • You set up your individual author/pen name profiles and your social media links. If you’re familiar with WordPress or other blogging software, you’ll find the interface familiar and easy-to-use.
  • For each book, you upload your book cover and enter book details and link them to one or more of your author/pen names. You can even delete and/or replace older books if you want. You’re in control with an up-to-date subscription.
  • You set up your retail links, hit publish, and join a unique community of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller authors advertising their books to diverse, wonderful group of readers.
  • Readers can search the site with our expanding search-ability tools, which brings me to two important notes.
    • Please know that our book management software is in beta and continuous development, which means occasionally, bugs happen. As such, only these fields are currently searchable: title, subtitle, excerpt, blurb (summary), additional info, author, and author bio.
    • New features are still being developed. As new features are developed and installed, interfaces might change and there may be some small windows of downtime when we have to migrate to the newer releases.

So, are you ready to advertise some books? Great! Let’s get started!

View/Download our author instructions from Google Drive.

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