Jay Bell

Jay Bell led a quiet life in Kansas until the day he met a handsome foreign exchange student named Andreas who swept him off his feet and carried him all the way to Germany. Much to their delight, marriage awaited them when they got there. While living so distant from friends and family, Jay began writing in an effort to reconcile the mixture of devotion and alienation he felt. This resulted in a Lambda Literary Award and a film option for his best-selling novel Something Like Summer. Jay and Andreas have since relocated to Chicago where their adventures continue, as do those of the characters in their emotionally driven Something Like… series. Jay pens the stories and Andreas provides the cover art, making them books about love, forged by love.

Something Like Stories – Volume Two (Something Like… Book 10)
Something Like Summer (Something Like… Book 1)
Something Like Summer: School Edition (Something Like…)
Something Like Thunder (Something Like… Book 6)
Something Like Winter (Something Like… Book 2)
The Cat in the Cradle (Loka Legends Book 1)