Justin Alan

I currently reside in New England with my partner and our French bulldog, who considers himself more of a roommate than our pet, and as of summer 2018, a feral kitten who is defining the word capricious. And batty. And ornery.

My first story was in 4th grade and it was about a mouse who helped Bill Gates come up with the then brand new operating system: Windows. My second story was about three magical knights fighting a dragon, aptly called The Magic Knights. From then on, I was hooked on anything related to magic.

I’ve always had a fascination with winged creatures, be they birds, dragons, or angels. I’m enamored by the idea of taking flight and soaring above the earth at impossible heights. No matter what story I write, or what world it takes place in, you will always find at least one character who can defy gravity.

I enjoy anything by Brandon Sanderson, have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything Marvel-related from 2002-2012 (my favorite comic years), and make a desperate effort to stay in shape. I will either write or edit every day and try to juggle multiple worlds at any given point to keep my creativity sharp. While I will read stories outside the genre of science fiction and fantasy, it has yet to make its way into my writing. The way I see it is that I live in the real world, and reading and writing helps me escape from it.

Angel Ascendant (Psalms of Haven and Hel Book 1)
Dominion of None