Purple Spekter™ Portfolio

These are some of the books I have provided work on in the past. The tags section for each book identifies the work I performed.

Balance of Power
Angel Ascendant (Psalms of Haven and Hel Book 1)
The Guardians Origin Story Omnibus
Ruined: (McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series – Book 6)
The Nature Physique: Bodyweight + Resistance Band Exercise Guide: (The #1 Guide on How to Look Great Without a Gym)
The Nature Physique: Tarzan’s Towel Workout
The Nature Physique: Easy Breezy Abs: (The #1 Guide on How to Easily Achieve a Six Pack)
The Nature Physique: The Amazonian Warrior Workout: (The Secret Formula for Enhancing The Female Body)
For His Pleasure #1
The Prophecy of the One