Proofreading Services

Your masterpiece has been edited and it’s almost ready for publication. Now, it’s time for a set of skilled eyes to read through the text once more and hunt down those pesky typos, grammar goofs, and small mistakes. I’d love to help you perfect your masterpiece.

Purple Spekter™ Silver

Rate: $0.015 per word USD

This is the last step before you publish. It’s a basic check for correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, and word usage.​ If you purchased and received Platinum edits on a manuscript, that manuscript is eligible for the half rate discount of .0075.

Purple Spekter™ Bronze for New Authors

Rate: $250 USD

A price point for new or curious authors. I’ll provide a Purple Spekter Gold edit on the first 10,000 words of your manuscript. As an author, I know you’re nervous about an editor’s feedback, so I’ll be gentle—but brutally honest. Remember, I want you to succeed as an author.

If you later decide you want me to edit your entire manuscript, I’ll credit you $200 of this fee and charge the appropriate price point of either the Platinum, Gold, or Silver package—whichever you choose.

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