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Transgender Pride

At a point in time where (erroneously) bathrooms are more important than people, I decided to create the TRANSGENDER PRIDE design and make it available to you. Show your love and support for the transgendered members of our LGBT family—or perhaps, for yourself—with a colorful display of pride that boldly …

Be an Out and Proudie

In honor of The Climb’s release, I’ve designed a commemorative artwork to reflect Tracy Whitcomb’s words of encouragement to Skyler Phoenix, the main character. Here’s an excerpt from the story: “Why exactly do I need to join the Gay-Straight Alliance?” Skyler asked. “I think I’m gonna be okay being an …

Proud Parent

If you’re a PROUD PARENT…then support your LGBT son or daughter by declaring to everyone that you are a PROUD PARENT. If you are an LGBT person…then surprise your parents with a colorful display of their pride that declares they are your PROUD PARENT. I designed this art piece to …


I designed the simple yet bold PROUD series to make a powerful and beautiful statement for and by the LGBTQ community around the globe. Celebrate your pride with this colorful art series and be PROUD to be you! Click here to shop at our Redbubble store!